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Artists I Follow

Here are some of the artists that I follow and links to their pages.

Bob Reynolds

He has toured with John Mayer and has great Youtube videos highlighting his life and career! He has also played with many of the other artists that I follow. My favorite track on the album above is "Feedback". Check it out! I would hope someday to have the opportunity to sit in with him at some point.
Bob Reynolds Music Site Link

John Mayer

One of the most influential artists I've had the chance to experience in life. Great songwriter and musician. I have most all of his discography and enjoy his music still to this day. I would hope to be able to meet him someday.
John Mayer Music Site Link

Andy Frasco

I have been fortunate to be able to play with Andy Frasco and the UN. They are a great bunch of guys and always keep the party going! Much Love Andy! See you soon!
Andy Frasco and the UN Music Site Link

Nick Cassarino

I have been fortunate to be able to enjoy friendship and music with Nick. He is an amazing guitar player, songwriter, and composer out of NYC. He's shredded with some big names in his career including "The Nth Power", and "Jen Hartswick"! See you in Charlotte soon brutha!
Nick Cassarino's Website

Mindi Abair

Mindi Abair is amazing! I finally met her in Charlotte in March and her concert was just wonderful! Her sound on her Alto Sax is one of the best sounds I have ever heard from a saxophone! If you like Rock n' Roll and Saxophone. Mindi is the one to listen to! I hope to see you again soon Mindi!
Mindi Abair's Website

Jeff Coffin

I have been following Jeff ever since he played with Bella Fleck and the Flecktones. I missed a couple of changes to meet and play with him over the years. I hope to meet and play with him at the InsideOutside Retreat for Saxophonists once COVID is gone! He does this cool thing with playing two saxophones at one time really well! Check him out!
Jeff Coffin's Website

John Ferrara

One of the most jaw dropping bass players on the Planet! I love the progressive style of Consider the Source and Jeff is a huge part of that! I fortunaely got to meet him in Charlotte and definitely look forward to hear him play, like, ANY TIME! Check him out! You will be glad that you did!
John Ferrara's Website

Adrian Crutchfield

Known as the last horn-man to perofrom adn record with Prince. I've known Adrian for a very long time growing up in Charlotte. I would see him hit all the same spots I did growing up learning how to be a showman! A showman he is for sure! I've had the honor to play with him more than a few times and he is always a great person to hang out with! Make sure you check him out!
Adrian Crutchfield's Website



Garrett Hypes makes GREAT Horns from his shop located in Las Vegas, NV. I purchased my Baritone Saxophone from him and it has been a GREAT instument to play. If you're looking for your next horn purchase, be sure to check them out! Tell Garrett I sent ya!

Cannonball Musical Instruments

Another astute display in fine craftsmanship. Cannonball produces some of the best horns around. I have a Big Bell Brute Tenor Saxophone and that is the main instrument that I play to this day! Known for the "Fat Neck" that comes with their saxophones and stunning design, these horns are a force to play with!


This is a great website to find out all the information you need on local Charlotte Music! Great stories, links, and ticket information to all the local and regional shows coming to the area! Check it out!

Time2Fly Music

My buddy Ryan Williams runs the promotion for Time2Fly Music here on the East Coast based out of Charlotte. There is NEVER a bad show from the artists that these guys promote! Check out their website for the latest shows coming to your area!

What I Bring

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I have played with a number of groups in all music genres from Jazz, Rock, Country, R&B, Reggae, Beach, Motown, Pop, and Funk. I have lots of great live performance experience and can mesh quickly with your group for your show. I am available for auditions and sit-ins at your next show.


I am available most weekends for shows and events from weddings to parties and venue performances. I am also available for travel if needed with advance notice.


I have lots of experience in the recording studio and have recorded for vocal and instrumental songs doing melodies and solo improvisation work. I can record different things from snippets to full length tracks depending on your needs. Please contact me for rates and availability.

Performance Videos

Jamorah Performance Live Stream on 06/15/2020

Jamorah Performance Live Stream on 06/08/2020

The video starts in many different spots. I do not know why. You can rewind the video to 00:30 to start the show.

Performance with Bongvoyage - Saxosexual '85 Tribute

Performance of California Love - By Tupac and Snoop Dogg. This is with the 90's Hip-Hop Tritube Band: "I got 5 on it"

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